Founded in 2003 by Armen Hatsagortsyan with the vision of leading the construction sector through implementing innovation in mechanical engineering. Since then, we have been continuing vision of the founder to be at the forefront of innovations by combining background in MEP with a passion for BIM.

We committed to enhancing project efficiency, collaboration, and sustainability, while promoting seamless integration throughout the entire construction lifecycle. At Integral, we empower construction professionals with intelligent and efficient BIM tools, fostering a data-driven approach to design, construction, and facility management. We strive to optimize workflows, streamline processes, and enable enhanced decision-making through
data-rich models.


Mechanical (HVAC)

Plumbing engineering

Electrical engineering

System automation

Building information modeling (BIM)



General design We design all mechanical and plumbing systems, including ventilation, air conditioning, cooling, DHW and all other related systems. More >
Consulting Our consultation services are based on years of practical experience that allows us to walk the... More >
Installation, maintenance Our experienced team of engineers is well trained for installation of MEP systems in various facility types... More >


Building Information Modeling

We are team of like-minded professionals united around the idea of providing modeling services for our foreign colleagues and partners. With more than 15 years of experience in MEPFR our team has united professionals with different specialization who are ready to share their experience with colleagues and partners worldwide. Through efficient collaboration of our in-house engineers with architects, constructors and other stakeholders improve outcomes of the project and proper delivery of BIM services.
The more you leverage technology, the better your business becomes, and adopting an agile digital infrastructure helps you empower your business potentials by understanding the constructional structure of your project. Our role is to assist you in building a comprehensive BIM ecosystem to realize a proficient digital transformation.



STRABAG scientific facility

Tesla Energy

TeamViewer office

Kamar business center

International company office in Armenia



Office premises with double glass facade

International company office in Armenia

Co-working space

Co-working space

Tesla Energy