Air to water heat pump

Industry offers several options when it comes to construct heating system, for example hydronic systems based on boilers with natural gas and heat pump technology using the electricity to pump the heat from the air.

Here we present the innovation unit for water systems with various temperature levels. Heat pump by Aermec revolutionizes the way of creating cooling, multi-temperature heating and domestic hot water production. All from single heat pump unit for hotels, commercial and industrial sector.

Operating range
Working at full load up to -20 °C outside air temperature in winter, and up to 48 °C in summer. Hot water production up to 65 °C.
Working at -20 °C outside air temperature in winter unit produces 55 °C hot water with COP = 1,78 (W/W).

High temperature hot water
It is possible to reach up to 80°C hot water production in combination with WWB irreversible water-water heat pump, if your application is requested high temperature hot water production.

Cascade operation
Multiple units connected in parallel (up to 9 units) under a single common controller will provide constant flow of hot water forming cascade heat generation plant with the heating capacity of 1650 kW.