Heat recovery ventilation

AIr handling units are designed for efficient ventilation and are suitable for various types of projects. You can choose unified unit from standard series or professional series which can be specifically tailored to meet your requirements. Large number of configurations (vertical, horizontal, flat and universal type, with rotary or plate heat exchangers) allows you to select optimal and most efficient equipment.

Аir handling units with heat pump

VERSO Standard

Vertical, horizontal, flat or universal application
Compact design
REVIT models


10 basic sizes for various combinations
Professionally convenient software
Selection of desired heat exchanger, fan, heater/cooler
REVIT models

Аir handling units with heat pump

Optimised and efficient operation principles

Cooling mode

Due to cooling recovery by rotary heat exchanger, air temperature after rotor is lower than outside air temperature. Condensation temperature in this case is lower, what results in reduced compressor electricity consumption comparing with outdoor condensing unit.

Heating mode

Highly efficient rotary heat exchanger is used for first stage heat recovery, recovering the biggest part of the heat of extracted air. For second stage heat recovery and supply air temperature control, heat pump is used.