Radiant Heating

The industry sector requires powerful and effective heating systems, since these are large spaces and volumes, providing heating solution maximum efficiency must be considered, thus avoiding waste and consequent unsustainable costs.

Low intensity radiant heating systems help provide comfort whilst facilitating reduced energy consumption of up to 50% over other forms of heating. The principles of radiant energy can result in considerable energy saving and comfort, while helping to lower your building carbon footprint and environmental impact.


Energy efficiency
Radiant heating focuses heat in lower areas at man-height. In industrial environments, which are usually higher than dwellings, this means big savings

Immediate thermal comfort
Radiant elements do not heat the air, but rather objects and people, thus reducing the start-up time and effective heating. It is enough to switch-on the unit 20 min before using the space and you will feel the thermal effect.

Convective air circulation is practically absent, as a result of which there is no circulation of dust particles in the heated area


Auto service shop

Aviation hangar


Industrial hangar

Sport hall