We design all mechanical and plumbing systems, including ventilation, air conditioning, cooling, DHW and all other related systems. In design process we take into consideration the essential objective of the design which stands for obtaining a comfort indoor climate, minimizing costs and further operating problems. Our team has years of practical experience in construction of MEP system, which gave them the ability to design applicable systems. Computer-aided technology is a big part of our design process and our engineers use Revit and other tools to deliver MEP design. Below you can check MEP designs workflow with more details.


Our consultation services are based on years of practical experience that allows us to walk the extra mile with our clients and provide the best advisory service for them. We don’t stop at analyzing your requirements, but we offer you available solutions with enough details about their benefits and added values. We encourage you to reach out to us for consultations, no matter what kind of project you have, from something as small as a coffee shop to multi-floor commercial or industrial buildings.

Consulting services includes, but not limited:

project management
procurement process organization
project feasibility study and budget estimation
engineering equipment selection
MEP system optimization
any other kind of MEP technical assistance
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Our experienced team of engineers is well trained for installation of MEP systems in various facility types using dedicated tools for a fast, efficient and reliable installation process. We provide them with detailed action plans that cover installation process. Maintenance and commissioning is also a significant part of our job. We diagnose MEP system failures and provide high-quality, precise maintenance service to fix them quickly and professionally. Our team uses Testo measuring instruments for all technical facility management tasks to ensure precise examination and commissioning. In addition we provide activity checklists and reporting for quality performance and trustworthy delivery.
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