Variable refrigerant flow (VRF)

Heat pump based on variable refrigerant flow (VRF) to provide heating and cooling. Multiple indoor units may be connected to one outdoor unit. Along with many advantages, this feature makes the VRF technology ideal for applications where centralized heating and cooling is necessary, as well as your building has limited access to natural gas. VRF system provides solution for those applications where simultaneous heating and cooling with heat recovery technology.

Briefly about the advantages of VRF

  • Wide operation outdoor temperature

Heating operation could be as low as -27°C and cooling operation temperature could reach +50°C

  • Super efficiency

Outdoor units incorporated with full DC inverter compressors and four-way heat exchanger (30% increased efficiency). High coefficient of COP and EER make VRF system in particular cases more efficient than hydronic system

  • Energy efficiency

VRF systems provide energy savings by varying compressor speed and matching the output of the system as closely as possible to the load.

  • Precise temperature control at +/- 0.5°

With twin pressure sensor and twin EEVS the refrigerant volume adjusted automatically to realize precise temperature control, improving indoor comfort.

  • Easy maintenance

First, VRF system is self-managed and self-balanced system without any necessity to interfere in daily operation of the system. Second, less operating and maintenance cost, as well as there is no need for anti-freezing procedures for winter operation.

We at Integral believe that VRF system is the best solution for commercial applications, anyway each project is unique case that should be evaluation carefully and very attentive. Please contact us if you want more information and consultation.