Cascade boiler room

A boiler cascade is a system where several boilers are connected, one after another. allows to increase the installed capacity continuously, starting with the minimum output of the smallest boiler used. In the case of higher outputs (up to 3040 kW), the boiler cascade system provides some great advantages. Whole set of boilers could be adapted to the heat demand of the building, as well as demands for domestic hot water (DHW). The cascade system is a pioneer method in the heating system technologies, providing optimization of installations with a high output.

The location of the boiler room in a building is variable. Which part of the building is the most suitable for the location of the cascade boiler room needs to be decided on the basis of the properties and dispositional possibilities of the building. When making the decision, it is essential to consider the options of the flue gas installation, boiler room ventilation, hydraulic design of the entire heating system, the dimensions of the installation site, etc. The low demands on the location of the cascade boiler room make it possible to install it almost anywhere.


  • High savings in the operating costs when compared with standard water heated boiler concept
  • highly-effective design of the cascade communication
  • plug and play fully automated operation
  • High operating reliability
  • A broad modulation of the output of the entire boiler room (up to 3040 kW)
  • A small built-in area, without taking up the floor space
  • Optimal adjustment for the connection of an external hot water storage tank
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Easy maintenance