Roof boiler house

The development of heating technologies provides an opportunity to create new approaches in the field of heating system of buildings which is ROOF BOILER PLANT.

  • less stringent requirements for flue gas removal systems (chimneys)
  • Increasing the level of safety and compliance with existing environmental norms
  • efficient use of roof space

Roof boiler plant based on condensing boilers with modular structure is perfect solution for heating of your building.

Professionally engineered roof boiler plant provides:

  • quiet, vibration-fee operation
  • large range of modulation which leads up to 30% fuel (natural gas) savings easy installation and further maintenance
  • small footprint for installation

CASCADE BOILER another perfect concept for roof boiler plant. This solution is constructed on wall hung boilers which are basically designed to allow for continuous output regulation from approx. 10% to 100% of the rated output. The boiler cascade allows to extend this range of continuous output regulation from the minimum output of one boiler to the maximum output of up to 32 boilers.